Aliajgaran Co. was established in 1992 in the field of control systems and smart and optimal building management systems aiming to manufacture industrial valves for water and steam in order to satisfy the industrial and constructional needs and especially oil and gas industry of the country.

Afterwards, our company, has been able to respond to a huge quantity of needs in the country in the field of manufacturing industrial and constructional valves and especially steam pressure breakers, telesteam, safety valve and all the needs in manual control by various types of mechanical valves to be supplied to industrial and constructional engine rooms, for which the country had importing problems at that time.  We were honored to receive the exclusive agency of Landis+Gyr of Switzerland, the largest and pioneer company in world in the field of Building Management Systems (BMS) and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) and control valves in order to supply for the control needs in chillers, air conditioners, steam and hot water boilers, due to the global reputation of our group and upon the investigations required and especially after making sure of the potentials of company. After some years, in 1995, when Siemens purchased Landis Co. in order to expand its activities range in building control and management systems, once again Aliajgaran was granted the partnership of the company upon specific investigations.

Then, Aliajgaran, with more than 1100 customers through the years, in order to strengthen its services in Iran, accepted the agency of the companies: Schischek, Gefran, Elodrive and Qundis each of which offer complementary products and services especially in the field of the industry of building control and expanded its range of activities.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) is widely used in our field of work. From detailed feasibility studies to coordinating equipment and materials to get to the project, Aliajgaran has always been a leading pioneer in this section in nearly every project done through the years. In addition, until this day the company has implemented 27 trainings for the consultants, contractors and owners of the prospective projects and also has participated in more than 23 related exhibitions.

The technical, trading and sales group of the company, consisting of over 58 staff in Terhan, with10 agents across the nation, during it's years of cooperation with globally known companies, especially Siemens, depending on the training programs presented by them, has been able to execute several projects all over the country which all of them are on a global scale regarding the quality. In appreciation of the activities performed by Aliajgaran, Siemens awarded the Best Partner Award of 2008 (amongst all partners in the Middle East), 2009 (among all BT partners) and 2017 to this company.

Board of Directors:

Mrs. Farhoudeh Davari         CEO

Mr. Kourosh Akbari               COB / CMO